KD-Corporations have been founded in 1991.

Our products family including office machines and supplies, money testers and counters, printing house products, new and second-hand guns, guns supplies, hunting tours to Finland, sales consulting, lighting effects for events and performances, video broadcasting and seasonal hand made jewelleries
and naked women figure lures. You can always see these magnificent jewelleries on our home page.
( Offers and products change time to time. )
Our products and services are divided to six subsidiary companies. Currently we
are acting in six different countries. In year 2005 we will open the new point
in USA, which is for the convenience of our customers in all over the world.

We have 18.000 different products. We apologize that you are not able to see all
these products in our home page but we are more than glad to provide additional
information upon request. We believe our capabilities to serve you best with
our wide-range of products.

If you want to make Your Company more successful , don’t hesitate contact us!


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